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Shifter twins Kane and Jeremy have patiently been waiting for their mate to grow up so they can claim her as their own. When tragedy strikes, Abigail gets thrown into her worst nightmare. In SCARRED PERFECTION, author Khloe Wren writes a paranormal story featuring Wedge Tailed Eagle shape shifters. In addition to the erotic elements integrated into the storyline, there is an incredibly dark side. The pain endured by Abigail at the hands of her captors may be triggers for more sensitive readers. The author effectively builds a solid story around the shape shifter concept while also focusing on Abigail's emotional trauma in response to her injuries. As a result the story kept my attention from start to finish. There's a nice amount of heat to balance an interesting story concept.

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5 Star Review by
Rachel's Willful Thoughts from The Romance Reviews
Scarred Perfection
As Wedge Tailed Eagle shape shifters, there are rules the Gibson twins must follow. However, when following the rules means their mate is snatched from under their noses before they can bond with her, Kane and Jeremy will do anything to get her back and in their arms. Even if they have to break a rule or two to do it.

Abigail is left badly scarred after being kidnapped and tortured. She struggles to accept herself, and has even more trouble coping with the fact two men want her to be theirs.

Can her men’s love conquer all her fears?