Destiny Realized
Leonardo has been the clan's alpha for 300 years. Ruling his people has always been his one and only priority. Until he, along with his brother and sister, stop at a broken down car near their home in the Flinders Ranges on the edge of Outback Australia. The woman they rescue turns both Leo and, his brother, Valentino's lives upside down. A mate was the last thing Leo wanted, and everything Val had ever hoped for.

Felicia is on the run. Again. Her baby's daddy broke her daughter's arm the last time he caught up with them so she's desperate to stay ahead of him. But her car breaks down and trouble finds her. A killer takes advantage of her failing vehicle and she fears all is lost for her and her little girl, until another car stops and she finds herself in a whole new world where she may just have found the future she's always wanted but never dreamed she'd have.
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Review by Deb A from Night Owl Reviews

Bad Alpha is a ten author anthology. Overall it is just awesome! I mean it rocks! You get very different storylines about bad boy alpha shifters with their ink (tattoos). These guys are sexy and have dominant personalities. The heroines are strong willed women who are great matches for their mates. The stories are spicy, well-written, and entertaining. Readers are in for some original storylines. The characters have chemistry and great dialogues. The settings are vivid. You'll have trouble stopping at one story, so make sure to have plenty of time to settle into this anthology. Bad Alpha is absolutely awesome! It deserves 5 stars!

Destiny Realized by Khloe Wren
This story includes a M/M/F consensual relationship.
A serial killer has been on the rampage for six months. Felicia Johnson and Meghan are on the run. The mother and child barely evaded the killers grasp with help. The big questions is, will the momís two shape shifter mates convince her to stay?
This book is another winner and it deserves 5 stars!