Fighting Mac
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'Noble Guardian'
Book Two
Conner and Tina
After watching his older brother win the heart of his mate,
Conner White canít wait for his turn. When he finally begins
dreaming of his mate he is both relieved that he knows who
she is and worried as he hasnít been able to get near her
since he caught a glimpse of her at his brotherís wedding
weeks earlier.

Tina Anderson is beyond miserable. Her mother abandoned
her after a life altering injury that left the vibrant gymnast
in a wheelchair. Her father has been forced to leave her to
go work off shore. Sheís been left in the care of a harsh
bitter woman who is only after her father and will do
whatever she deems necessary to take her place in his life.
No matter the cost.

Conner and Tinaís road to happiness is filled with twists,
turns and pot holes, but are they strong enough to pull each
other through it all?
***Previously released under the title 'Cinderella's Guardian', it has had been extensively edited since***
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