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'Finding Needles'
Book Ten
Ryan 'Needles' Perry and Elizabeth 'Bess' Brookes
They’ll both need to deal with the demons of their pasts
in order to find their future.
When Ryan “Needles” Perry left his hometown in Texas as
a teenager, he’d had zero intentions of ever returning. But
then he never would have guessed that after his father
died, his mother would fall for a load of garbage that lands
her in one hell of a mess that he needs to come home to
clean up.
Elizabeth “Bess” Brooks was Ryan’s closest friend growing
up and when she finds out his mom is in trouble, she
reaches out to tell him. She wants to see his mother safe
and will do whatever she can to help, but she vows that it
won’t include falling for his rough biker charms.
Life hasn’t been kind to either of them in the nineteen
years since they’ve seen each other and now they both
have secrets that could tear them apart for good, or bond
them together forever. But will they survive to find out?

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