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'Mac's Destiny'
Book Eight
Jacob 'Mac' and Claire 'Zara' Miller
This next club run will change their lives forever.
One day after Jacob “Mac” Miller returns from New York,
Scout sends him on another club run. He must go to L.A.
and deal with a mob boss who has set his sights on the
Charon MC. Sabella is a blast from Mac’s past he’d have
preferred to leave there, but once he gets word of what
the man is now up to, he can’t let it stand and willingly
leads the charge to go deal with him. Once and for all.
Zara is not happy with the club. Her man just returned
from a run up to New York and after only one night home,
he’s back on the road, leaving her alone with their 10
month old daughter again. It wouldn’t be so bad if little
Cleo wasn’t ill and getting worse.
Circumstances beyond their control test both Mac and
Zara as their lives get changed forever in the aftermath of
this latest drama that hit the Charon MC.

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