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'Fierce Guardian'
Book Four
Xander and Rachel
He's found his true mate at last-but she's caught in a deadly trap.

Australian Xander Moore is one of a secret cadre of humans who can shift into the form of a
snow leopard. His predator side is gorgeous and deadly. He's also lonely. Somewhere out there is
his true mate if he can find her before the Triggers destroy them all.
To the team he leads in search of the brutal Triggers, Xander is known for his calm strength in
the midst of danger. But when he glimpses the mate hes dreamt of for years, he's torn between
the mission and his instinctive drive to protect and claim. Xander loses focus, leading to dire
British visitor Rachel Bell is caught in a trap. Her boyfriend's offer of a job to extend her visa has
turned into forced servitude in his bar. The night he beats her and locks her in their apartment,
she's desperate enough to get help the only way she can-by starting a fire.
When her abuser attacks her brave rescuers, Rachel discovers she herself may be a deadly
weapon. Is she brave enough to unleash her shocking new abilities and save them all?
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