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'Necessary Alpha'
Book 4.5
Finn and Brooke
These shifter mates must fight together to save their Leap
family from its evil Alpha.

Shifter male Finn has spent his last year unsuccessfully
searching the globe for his destined mate. Now Finn has
returned home to England, and despite his parents warning
him to stay away from the Devon Leap with its nasty Alpha,
Alastair, Finn knows he must search the area for his one and

Choden, the original shifter, approaches Finn to tell him that
heís certain Finn's true mate is indeed inside the Devon
Leap. He also tells Finn heís destined to be the next Alpha of
the Devon Leap, and as such, he must act quickly to not only
save his mate, but the whole leap from devastation. For
Alastair is more than nasty, he is evil to his soul. He has
taken to killing his own shifters to steal their mates for

Shifter female Brooke is over waiting for someone to come
to her Leapís rescue. Her cousin has fallen victim to the cruel
alpha, and if no one else has the courage to defy Alastair,
Brooke will do it herself. But when he uses his power to
freeze her in place, Brooke is trapped. Will Finn and Choden
arrive in time to save her from Alastair's foul plans?

And can the three work together to save their leap?