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'Tripping Nitro'
Book Six
Johnny 'Nitro' Harris and Cindy 'Sin D Ella' Davis
Sometimes The One That Got Away Comes
BackÖ Bringing Trouble With Her.
Itís really her. Former Navy SEAL and member of
Charon MC, Nitro canít believe his eyes when he finds
his high school girlfriend in a bar nineteen years after
she disappeared, taking his heart with her.
Alone and running from a stalker since she was 16
years old, Cindy has avoided all contact with the
opposite sex in order to keep her mysterious stalker
appeased. Now, with Nitro by her side, he vows to
keep both her body and heart protected, but can she
risk believing him?
With the help of his Charon MC brothers, Nitro keeps
Cindy guarded while he attempts to woo her back into
his arms. But just when he manages to break through
her walls, she vanishes again. Will Nitro be able to put
together all the pieces of the puzzle in time to save his
first and only true love?

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