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'Protective Instincts'
Book 5.5
Conner and Tina
Having a baby is never as simple as it sounds.

The further Tina’s pregnancy progresses, the more over protective Conner gets. As much as she appreciates his care and concern for her and their unborn child, she needs a break from it before he drives her insane.

With only a few weeks left until she’s due, her mother and mother in law offer to take her for a spa day. Naturally, she jumps at the chance. Knowing Conner’s mother will make sure Tina’s husband doesn’t crash their day out.

Snatched off the street, Tina begins to panic when she finds herself being used by the shifters’ enemies as bait to trap her mate and the other men of the Leap. At eight and half months pregnant, she has no chance of fighting him off. Good thing her lethal mother in law followed them.

Turns out Conner was right to have such strong protective instincts. Because the first time he lets his precious pregnant mate out of his sight in weeks ends with her missing, along with his mother. When he senses her pain, he knows she’s gone into labor early. But he still has no idea where she is, or who’s with her.