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'Forging Blade'
Book Eleven
Jared 'Blade' Walker and Veronica Jones
Nothing in life has ever come easily for him, and resucing
his woman is no exception.
Jared "Blade" Walker's life hasn't been his own for a long
time. Sold by his father when he was just sixteen to the
head of the mob, he did what he had to in order to survive
and became one of their most lethal enforcers. But now,
thanks to his ties with the Charon MC, he has a chance to
get some vengeance. But nothing in this life comes for free.
Veronica Jones has been hiding in plain sight in
Bridgewater, Texas for seven years when Blade comes into
the ER during her shift and throws all her careful planning
out of the window. Making her want things she'd never
thought she had.
When both Blade and Veronica's pasts catch up to them,
will they end up having to pay the ultimate price for daring
to give love a chance?